Travel Advice From The Best Experts: People Who Have Been To Every Country (2024)

Planning a vacation for 2024, but not sure where to go? Now you can could ask someone who has visited every country in the world for their recommendations.

The online travel booking tool, Skyscanner, has launched the Everywhere Agency, a first-of-its-kind concept that connect travelers with five record-holding travelers who have visited every country in the world.

Looking for the best places for nightlife? Street food? Budget travel? Bucket-list experiences? Skyscanner’s Everywhere Agents offer up personalized recommendations, and there’s also an online widget containing FAQs and other travel hacks.

“It’s our first ever ‘pop-up’ travel agency, inspired by Skyscanner’s Everywhere search function, which allows flexible travelers to find the best deals to fly anywhere,” Laura Lindsay, Skyscanner’s global travel trends expert, told me in an interview. “This includes tips for everything from airlines to destinations to street food.”

Plus, there is an option for one-to-one, personalized sessions. “Consumers can sign up for the chance to connect virtually with one of Skyscanner’s Everywhere Agents and pick their brains about destinations, travel planning, logistics, tips and hacks to get the best deals, favorite hotels, and more,” says Lindsay.


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According to a recent Skyscanner survey, 91% of American travelers are keen to try somewhere new in 2024, and 37% share that one of their biggest struggles when booking travel is deciding where to go. This helped inspire the Everywhere Agents idea. “Sure, you could turn to social media to discover destinations, but the endless scrolling can quickly become overwhelming, and many are experiencing fatigue towards conventional tourist hotspots,” says Lindsay. “Getting expert advice from people who have literally everywhere is invaluable. It was designed to alleviate anxiety and provide travelers with the tools to discover lesser-known and more affordable destinations that align with their individual preferences.”

Another reason Skyscanner created this is because of the popularity of the company’s Everywhere tool, which sees a ton of traction online. “In fact, in recent years it’s been the most-searched for destination on Skyscanner (overtaking historically popular destinations like New York City, Miami and Los Angeles),” says Lindsay.

Here, we give a peek at Skyscanner’s Everywhere Agents and get these world travelers to share some of their favorite destinations and tips.

Basanth Sadasivant: At age 25, Sadasivant became one of the youngest people to visit every country.

Favorite Discovery: “A particularly memorable discovery that I unexpectedly stumbled upon when traveling in the Mediterranean was the Blue City of Chefchaouen in Morocco, approximately two hours from Tangier,” says Sadasivant. “The blue facades of the Berber-style buildings were very beautiful to look at, as were the variety of shops that sold a host of products endemic to the region such as local spices, herbs, perfumes and handicrafts. Chefchaouen, in my opinion, also had the best tagine (local stew consisting of braised meat and spices). I highly recommend a stopover in Chefchaouen for any prospective visitors to the region.”

Best Affordable Find: “I was very impressed by the affordability of Cairo in Egypt. I was able to rent an ensuite room at a hotel overlooking the Pyramids of Giza for approximately $20 a night,” says Sadasivant. “A full-course Arabic-style dinner would typically cost you no more than $5 per person and a taxi ride from the center of town to the airport (approximately one hour) would set you back no more than $10. I was also able to participate in the many activities available within the vicinity of the Pyramids such as camel riding and quad biking for very negligible prices. Make sure you have your haggling boots on though as the local vendors may attempt to quote prices higher than the typical market value for these activities.”

Ultimate Travel Hack: “Having an offline translation tool installed on your phone can be an absolute godsend when attempting to navigate countries that don’t speak your native language,” says Sadasivant. “Whether it’s asking for directions in an unfamiliar city, placing an order at a restaurant or simply making a new friend at the local pub, transcending the language barrier is a useful first step to helping one make the most of their vacation. In addition, it can also save you a great deal of hassle and inconvenience when dealing with local authorities.”

Renee Bruns: A world-record holder for wheelchair travel, Bruns spent a year globetrotting alone.

Favorite Discovery: “Stargazing in the Atacama Desert in Chile,” says Bruns. “It's the driest place in the world and there is little cloud cover or light pollution. It's possible to see the Milky Way Galaxy almost every night and it will take your breath away every time, night after night.”

Best Affordable Find: “I stayed on Lake Titicaca in southern Peru a few years ago. I stayed with a Uros family, a local and indigenous tribe, on a floating reed island where my sister, partner and I only paid $11 a night to stay in their guesthouse,” says Bruns. “The experience itself was incredible both culturally and visually. I took a 10-hour train from Cusco to Lake Titicaca to save money and then flew home from southern Peru.

Ultimate Travel Hack: “Instead of focusing on a specific city or country, focus on a region of the world. Often the most expensive part of traveling is the airfare, and opening up your search options to a general region can save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars,” says Bruns. “For example, instead of searching for Bangkok, search for all cities in Southeast Asia. Once you get to the region, you can take a train, bus or taxi to the city that was on your bucket list.”

Very Hungry Nomads: Rachel Davey and Martina Sebova are the first Australian and Slovakian women to travel to every country in the world—a feat they accomplished on a budget of $50 a day.

Favorite Discovery: “A lake in Palau (a small island nation located 800 km east of the Philippines and 1330 km northeast of Guam) is home to millions of stingless jellyfish. It is believed that the jellyfish have lived here for 12,000 years and are the remains of the last ice age when the sea level rose to the point where the lake was filled with seawater and jellyfish,” says Davey. “Once the glaciers receded, there was nowhere for the jellyfish to go, and they got trapped here and evolved to live in the lake. As they have no predators, they don’t sting. We had an opportunity to visit this lake and swim with these jellyfish; of course, we did. We spent approximately 45 minutes under the water, admiring these mesmerizing creatures as they elegantly swam past in complete silence. Aside from our local guide, it was just the two of us and a million jellyfish for the whole time. It was one of the most unique experiences we’ve had on our travels to visit every country.”

Best Affordable Find: “Indonesia is an affordable country, yet most visitors only fly to the island nation of Bali and spend most of their time here,” says Sebova. “We do agree that Bali is a fantastic island with excellent infrastructure and things for travelers to do. Still, many other Indonesian islands also offer excellent beaches, food, culture and activities. The best affordable find we found recently was the island of Flores in Indonesia. You will find few tourists on this island that is packed with adventure, volcanoes, traditional villages, excellent cuisine and lush vegetation. It’s also the gateway to explore the Komodo National Park, comprised of several islands, the main ones being Komodo, Rinca, Padar and a few smaller ones. If you’re short on time, book a day tour to explore the Komodo National Park or reserve a few nights on a boat, with full board, crew and local guide to help you discover this gem.”

Ultimate Travel Hack: “If you’re unsure where to take your next vacation, use the Everywhere feature on the Skyscanner app,” says Davey. “It’s an excellent way to discover new destinations and places to explore. Better yet, combine this with the ‘cheapest month’ search and if you’re a little flexible with your dates, you can literally save hundreds of dollars on one flight.”

Gunnar Garfors: The first person to visit every country twice, Garfors holds 10 travel records and has written six books.

Favorite Discovery: “I was gobsmacked by the the “stan countries” in Central Asia, the seven countries ending with -stan in English,” says Garfors. “The wild mountains of Kazakhstan practically beg for extensive hiking whereas the Pamir Highway of Tajikistan offers what is among the world’s most beautiful road trips. The people are super friendly too, I have been invited to dinners, parties and walks in both Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Not to mention the Silk Road with its magnificent mosques and mausoleums. The Uzbek Som is one of the world’s weakest currencies, so bring a backpack for your cash, you will get wads of it—$81 will make you a millionaire, and the plentiful banknotes may inspire a lot of photo ops.”

Best Affordable Find: “Indonesia outside Bali and Jakarta is really cheap, and there are so many incredible and non-touristy places on the country’s many islands. Simple but nice hotels costing less than $10 are plentiful, especially in the north,” says Garfors. “Restaurants are also inexpensive and the food is mouth-watering. Weh Island in the very north is for instance a proper paradise with stunning beaches and low-cost world-class diving and snorkeling. You can only access the island by boat (or private plane), but there are plenty of flights to Banda Aceh from where there are many boat options.”

Ultimate Travel Hack: “Sometimes there is a lot of money to be saved by booking long distance plane tickets a bit smarter. And as a bonus you can take advantage an extra holiday or even two in your holiday,” says Garfors. “Many airlines have special deals from some countries but not from others. By checking prices from various cities, in addition from your own, to your final destination you can therefore often save quite a bit of money. You will of course also have to book from your own city to the city of departure, but this is usually covered by the savings of your main ticket. For instance, when I recently planned a trip to Angola, a ticket from Oslo to Luanda was quite expensive, costing $1,106 one way via Paris. The cheapest tickets from Lisbon were however only $339 whereas a ticket to Lisbon via Madrid was only $90. That means a saving of $677. I travelled two days earlier to Portugal in order to get an extra holiday in the holiday, then continued to Angola for the main holiday. Saved money and two holiday destinations instead of one. Win-win.”


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Travel Advice From The Best Experts: People Who Have Been To Every Country (2024)


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