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Random Michael is one of the best online casino streamers on YouTube. He obtained his popularity for the unique style of his big-win videos and high-stakes style of gaming.

Random Michael created his YouTube channel in 2019. The first Random Michael online stream was established in May 2020. Since that time he published over three thousand videos and gained more than fifty-six thousand subscribers on his channel.

Random Michael consistently updates his content with new high-roll videos and live streams. Usually, he publishes 1 to 2 videos of his big wins every day. In addition to this, he makes live streams on his channel 4 times a week.

Random Michael usually plays with big bets and high-roll slots. He reached massive payouts of millions of euros several times. He often makes bets that are much higher than what the average player might afford. Many players all over the world are jealous of him, hoping to repeat his success.

Random Michael’s strategy is based on three simple components: exclusive bonuses from the casino, max bets and a smart selection of slots.

TOP-5 Random Michael biggest wins for the last 2 years:

  1. Wild West Duels Slot
    Bet: €100
    Win: €1,196,800 (11,968x) – World Record Win
  2. Big Bass Amazon Extreme Slot
    Bet: €375
    Win: €810,050 (2,160x) – Max Bet Win
  3. Top Dawgs Slot
    Bet: €20
    Win: €263,020 (13,151x) – Record x Win
  4. Gates of Olympus Slot
    Bet: €50
    Win: €250,000 (5,000x) – Max Slot Win
  5. Magicians Secrets
    Bet: €50
    Win: €250,000 (5,000x) – Max Slot Win

TOP-3 Random Michael's most favored slots:

  1. Sugar Rush from Pragmatic Play: for its catchy mechanics, this slot has become a favorite among Michael’s audience.
  2. The Dog House from Pragmatic Play: for best RTP on big stakes, this slot game continues to be #1 among players.
  3. Gates of Olympus from Pragmatic Play: for the most entertaining bonus buy feature, it’s no wonder this slot is in Michael’s top picks.

TOP-3 best slot providers preferred by Random Michael for huge wins:

  1. Pragmatic play
  2. Push gaming
  3. Relax Gaming

Fun Facts About Random Michael

Random Michael doesn’t want to reveal his identity. His social media and videos contain no mentions of Random Michael’s personal data, his photo or video. The only thing his subscribers are familiar with is his voice. However, there’s no proof if it’s his real voice or artificial modification of it.

The Anonymity of Random Michel and his million winnings has led many in his audience to question if he is playing with real money or if it’s all fake. At the same, time there is no evidence to suggest that Random Michael is a fake. Random Michael’s YouTube subscribers confirm that he can afford to play for large sums.

Random Michael doesn’t limit himself to slots, he also enjoys playing live games. His followers enjoy watching him play games like Roulette, Dream Catcher, Monopoly, and Funky Time. All of these live games are available at online casinos from our Casino Bonuses. Don’t miss the exclusive bonuses we offer.
Even though Michael chooses to remain anonymous it is a true fact that he has a girlfriend. Some of his videos are created in collaboration with her. Random Michael’s girlfriend is anonymous too, so no photos or videos of her are available.
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Random Michael Casino Streamer

18+. Always remember, gambling comes with its risks. Please gamble responsibly. Be aware, that excessive gambling can have a significant impact on your life. Only gamble with money that you can afford to lose.


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About Random Michael (2024)


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